The Twitter Wars!!!

What should we think about all of the updates to twitter and how will this hurt or help small business. 


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A Crazy Month!!

Grace and peace from God our father, greetings brothers and sisters in the name of our risen lord. As my family and I  committed to rest my nephew Ryan Wilson I want to say thank you to all of you who have sent flowers, kind words and surrounded Robin and my family  with love and support. Thank you to all of my business colleagues and friends who have been patient with me this month. I know I am way behind on our classes and I promise to make that up to you with some REALLY good classes this month. You will find the first class posted here and you can go and sign up now.

I found myself in the hospital last week and had to take some time off to just rest I missed about a day or so from getting behind the computer and also taking part in some gig work. Well I am on the mend and I want to just let you know that I have my focus back and want to make sure that you don't miss this weeks class we will be going over content repurposing. One of the hardest things to do is to figure out how you are going to repurpose your content and also how to stay organized while doing it.  I have a system that will help anyone get a handle on some of the things that they have to do for their business and I think this will help you so much when it comes to creating content.

Now I am trying to get some help here to help me concentrate on putting more courses on the website. I have a lot of classes that need to be uploaded and I was having an issue with turning some of the video content into blog post. Each class will now have its own course page and can be purchased individually. I found two products that can help me YouPost and also the Magic Bookifer and both of these products are awesome!

Elon Musk is crazy? Or is He?

I have been watching this twitter thing like a hawk and I have to say I really don't think I want to be on this platform anymore. It seems that this is about to be a free for all and nothing will be done to protect all of us from the scammers of the world.  These are some of the claims that they are making on what they are doing.

  • The removal of blue checkmarks aims to address corruption and inequity in Twitter's verification system.
  • Twitter's new verification process has been met with mixed reactions. While it allows regular users to obtain a blue checkmark, it also changes the meaning and status associated with the checkmark, as it’s no longer based on verification but rather on payment capacity.
  • Twitter is also implementing changes to its algorithmic push, which may affect the visibility of tweets in the 'For You' feed—potentially impacting user engagement on the platform.
  • Twitter's changes to its algorithmic push, including showing tweets from paying subscribers in the 'For You' feed, may impact the visibility and reach of tweets from businesses that aren’t part of the subscription program. The impact of these changes on businesses will depend on how they use Twitter as part of their marketing and communication strategies, and how they adapt to the evolving landscape of Twitter's verification system and subscription offerings.
Now Publer went ahead and paid the $42,000 it cost for the API to work to make sure you can post on twitter through auto posting. So if you want to make sure you can still post on twitter without having to do it manually this would be a good software to go with. I did an entire review of the software so check it out. 

NPR is Leaving Twitter 

NPR said a few days ago it’s leaving Twitter, but, unlike your friend who can’t stop drunk tweeting at Mr. Peanut, it’s not because the media company is “protecting its peace.

 In case you’ve been protecting your own peace and are just tuning in, Twitter slapped a “state-affiliated media” tag on NPR’s account last week. NPR objected to the loaded label that equated it to news sites notorious for spreading government propaganda, like China Daily and Russia Today. After the pushback—and a reminder that NPR receives less than 1% of its $300 million annual budget from federally funded grants—Twitter changed the tag to “government-funded media.”

NPR will keep its 52 accounts live but will not post new content to the feeds. The media organization said in a statement yesterday, “We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interest in undermining our credibility.”

NPR isn’t lamenting a John Denver-style goodbye. Most news outlets don’t gain much from Twitter. One NPR reporter found that less than 2% of NPR’s website traffic comes from Twitter, which is pretty standard across the industry. Meanwhile, Twitter kinda needs headlines to fuel exhausting discourse.

If you are thinking about the goals you should be thinking about here are a few that I am focused on . 

The 10 Marketing Goals You Should Be Thinking About.

#1: Build trust and rapport with your audience

#2: Attract new prospects to your marketing system

#3: Don’t set content marketing goals without exploring prospect pain

#4: Illustrate benefits

#5: Overcome objections

#6: Paint the picture of life with your product

#7: Attract strategic partners with similar content marketing goals

#8: Deepen loyalty with existing customers

#9: Develop new business ideas around your content marketing goals

#10: Build your reputation with search engines

To get the entire article check it out here. 

Overall I think that twitter is going to find a lot of people will no longer want to do business with them. It seems that they are on a road that it will be hard to come back from. 

Well until tomorrow.....Marcellus

Originally published April 25, 2023